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Basic Magic[]

Palm Magic

High Speed Magic

Copy Magic

Magical Barrier

Magical Arrow

Concealing Void

Magical Robe Bind

Magical Wave Rush

Magic Orb Bullets

Time Placement Magic

Bullet Magic:

Animal Possession Can only be learned by Caster Mages and Spirit Mages

Telepathy Magic

Chain Magic

Thought Projection

Animal Soul

Advanced Magic:[]

Advanced Copy Magic

The user transforms into the opponent with perfect fabrication.

Advanced Magical Barrier

Magical Nulling Void

Collasal Magical Lance

Cradling Lullaby

Magical Embodiment

Hair Magic:

It is a type of offensive[1] and defensive[2] Magic that involves the manipulation of the caster's hair, allowing them to lengthen and transform it to attack their opponent. The caster is able to control their hair freely and use it for various purposes; apparently, the strength of the hair can also be manipulated to serve stronger purposes that the user could not naturally accomplish, for usage such as binding a fully-grown person and hardening enough to solify into hard-metal.

Gravitation Magic

Machina Soul